THE ADDERALL DIARIES by Pamela Romanowsky tackles big emotions and digs deep into the world of Writer, Stephen Elliott – Tribeca Film Fest Premiere

Ed Harris and James Franco in "The Adderall Diaries"

Ed Harris and James Franco in “The Adderall Diaries”

Extracting elements from a story and turning it into a film can’t be an easy task, especially when the subject is still alive and likely going to view the film. Such is the case for the new film, “The Adderall Diaries”, based on the memoir, by and about Stephen Elliott, the film stars James Franco who plays Elliott – a writer who suffers from writer’s block, becomes addicted to Adderall and becomes obsessed with a real life court case of Hans Reiser. As Franco’s character is spiraling out of control, he is faced with his father who appears back in his life. The two have very different memories of their volatile past that ultimately merges at a pinnacle of unresolved chaos.

The film was literally finished days before it’s recent premiere screening for The Tribeca Film Festival and we had a chance to sit down with writer/director, Pamela Romanowsky. She shared with us that she went to school with Franco and has since become close friends with him, as well as worked with him on the short film, “The Color of Time”. This is Romanowsky’s first feature, and it was suggested and encouraged by Franco for her to make this her first film – a film that Franco had optioned a few years back. Check out our interview below with Pamela Romanowski where she talks about how her background in Behavioral Psychology helped with writing this film and her love of Ed Harris, who plays Elliott’s father in the film. Afterward take a look at how the real Elliott felt about seeing himself portrayed on the big screen – to say that he has mixed emotions is an understatement…

The Adderall Diaries