The Answer to What You Can Do is Join the Global Event: Love, Peace & Light November 29!


In the wake of the Paris and Beirut attacks one might feel helpless and ask the question, “What Can I do?” The answer may be in the power of numbers and a collective gathering,  with the mission to heal and uplift the planet through the vibrations of Love, Peace and Light. Led by Dr. Joseph Michael Levy, founder of Naam Yoga, the live event will take place in Mexico City with thousands of people worldwide participating via Livestream. Furthermore, the event’s mission is to ease the suffering of the afflicted and to bring hope to humanity through raising consciousness, uniting hearts and the infinite power of heartfelt prayer and meditation.

This 4th annual Love Peace Light event will take place in Mexico City, at the Angel of Independence Monument. The people of Mexico City have come together to make this event a reality year after year, as proven by the 21,000 who attended last year and in 2015 the goal is 100,000.

As per the Institute of Noetic Sciences, “…it takes only the square root of one percent of a population to align their thinking for mass consciousness to change.” So actually, based upon a worldwide population of 7 billion, 100,000 people is more than ten times the amount needed to create a ripple effect that will positively shift the whole world. The 2015 Love Peace Light event provides an international platform where humanity can meet at one time, either in person or via Livestream, in a global gesture of love and friendship to bring peace and healing to our world. Your presence at this event is not only deeply desired; it is dearly needed.

For those attending in Mexico City the address is the Angel of Independence: Paseo de la Reforma y Eje 2 PTE, Juarez, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico. The live event begins at 8:30 AM (CST) and can be streamed on Livestream for those in other parts of our beautiful planet. Vist for more information, obtain the livestream information and follow socially. Follow on Instagram and Facebook. Watch the video below: