The Classic Kids Pack a Powerful Burst of Tunes in Debut EP, “Forever Strong”

The Classic Kids

The Classic Kids have no doubt burst onto the scene with an infectious debut EP, “Forever Strong” that will pique a diverse pooling of fans and have them wanting more.  The leather clad jacket wearing crew, complete with boots bring their Brooklyn style of upbeat rock anthems to their new debut. It’s clear that the band is heavily influenced by 80’s musicality, but they deliver full range tunes showcasing their skilled musicianship, alongside lead singer and bassist, Eric James’ heartfelt and sincere lyrics. To round out each of the four tracks on “Forever Strong”, the band unite when singing the chorus adding a surge of positivity that is missing in today’s pop arena.

The band released their first single and video, ‘Just Begun’ late last year which features an infectious bassline with a clear message of empowerment. The Classic Kids have been together since 2013 and are ready to share their unity to the rest of the world. Watch their video for “Just Begun” below, download their debut, “Forever Strong” and keep up with them to see them soon in your city. Twitter: @theclassickids Instagram: @theclassickids