The Future is Now – The Godfather of Disco’s Déjà Vu – Album Review by Eric D. Baca

Giorgio-Moroder-Deja-Vu-album-coverRelevant, contemporary and strangely cohesive, “Déjà Vu”, the first album in 35 years for electronic dance music pioneer & disco Godfather, Giorgio Moroder, stays true to the formula he popularized in the mid seventies – fun music for people who, according to Moroder, “will always want to dance”.   

The twelve track album features collaborations with some of today’s pop stars including Sia, Charlie XCS, Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue. It would be easy to deduce the sound of this album as simply retro disco, however, Moroder manages to produce songs that would wholly work on each artist’s individual albums (and we wish for future collaborations with Sia).

The 74 year old legend doesn’t simply rely on nostalgia to sell the album, however, it’s obvious he feels right at home in an industry & sound he once sought to bring into the future.  One can’t help but smile when listening to “74 is the New 24” because this menacing industrial-esque track feels like his “fuck you” to society’s ridiculous

Kylie Minogue & Giorgio Moroder

Kylie Minogue & Giorgio Moroder

notions of ageing and relevance,  while solidifying his reemerging career’s second act.

The album shines brightest on Kylie Minogue’s Billboard topper “Right Here, Right Now”, Sia’s “Déjà Vu”, Charlie XCX’s “Diamonds” & “Wildstar”, where the vocals,  hooks, strings, synths and electric disco sounds harken back to Giorgio’s hugely successful work with Donna Summers in “Love to Love You Baby”,  & “I Feel Love”.  Moroder manages to express his influence (including use of the Moog synthesizer) while allowing each artist’s style to take center stage.  

Overall “Déjà Vu” is a fun addition to our summer soundtrack. Groundbreaking, it is not, but there are memorable moments, a sound that is on-trend and collaborations that largely work. Sample and Download the album from iTunes below. Check out the two videos from the “Déjà Vu” below, “Right Here, Right Now” featuring Kylie Minogue, and Sia’s “Déjà Vu”: Follow Eric on Twitter: @EricDBaca