“The Man That Got Away” Musical Short May Be Leaving SF Soon But Has More Life With Judy Garland Ahead By Kevin M. Thomas

Connie Champagne at Judy Garland in "The Man That Got Away"

Connie Champagne at Judy Garland in “The Man That Got Away”

Trevor Anderson has been making the film festival circuit for about a year now with his 25 minute musical gem “The Man That Got Away.”

framemanThe film plays in a series of shorts called “Something Real” during the Frameline LGBT Film Festival on Thursday, June 27 at 1:45pm at the Castro Theatre.

Anderson tells us how he’s taken the film across the globe in what he is calling a musical documentary. We talked to Anderson about how it can be a documentary when there are actors portraying certain roles including San Francisco legend Connie Champagne in the role of Judy Garland.

We also talk to Anderson about how Garland is connected to his family in LESS than six degrees of separation. We were fortunate enough to have Champagne join us in the interview in which she graciously shared the praise of the film with her co-stars and with Anderson himself.

Anderson sings the praises of all of his cast and crew and discusses how people can view the movie in their own homes soon, visit: www.dirtcityfilms.com Download the soundtrack from the film below. Follow the film at Facebook.com/TheManThatGotAwayFilm Follow Trevor on Twitter: @trevor-eh