The Netflix of Theatre Is Here:  See Live Shows, Theatrical Events and Comedy For One Monthly Fee in the Bay Area by Kevin M. Thomas

"Everyone is Dirty" Oakland featured on RushTix

“Everyone is Dirty” Oakland featured on RushTix

What Netflix did for movies and Bag Borrow or Steal did for purse rentals, the new RushTix is doing for live performances.

Launched this week, has a monthly fee of $8.99 and with that, you get access to complimentary tickets for local arts and culture – whether it be a concert, comedy show or a live musical or play.

RushTix-Detail“Each week we offer 50-60 choices with new events each day at 11am,” says founder and CEO, Jill Bourque. “All our
events are curated by our team and we actually only accept about 30% of the events that are available to us. You can sign up for free to view all our of events and get a sense of what we offer. Our sweet spot is the great local venues and artists that folks may not know about,” she adds.

The Starter Pass gives a member a complimentary ticket to unlimited events in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Once a member attends an event, they may book their next event. RushTix also offers their original “Explorer Pass” ( 2 tickets for $49/mo) and the “Patron Pass” (2 tickets for $99/mo), which gives members even more arts and culture choices.

“We’re offering the Starter Pass at a ridiculously low entry point because it’s actually more ridiculous that great local shows are not selling out. The Bay Area has a phenomenal arts scene and we’re about getting folks to experience performances in real life, rather than on a screen.”

CEO Jill Bourque photo: Lisa Keating

CEO Jill Bourque photo: Lisa Keating

Nish Nadaraja, creator of the Yelp Elite Squad and now the Chief Marketing Officer at RushTix, adds, “The quality of our local arts scene is so outstanding that we want to expose as many people to it as possible.” The company already has partnerships with A.C.T., SF Playhouse, Slim’s, Great American Music Hall, Cobb’s Comedy Club, and a variety of local community artists, with plans to expand to six other U.S. cities early next year.

RushTix gives audiences a chance to discover the arts and performances in intimate settings that makes it so viable.

“Our mission is to make it ridiculously easy to try new things,” says Bourque. To give you an idea of what’s available for the Starter Pass, Bourque points out some of their recent offerings included the SF Playhouse musical “Dogfight”, comedian Robert Duchane at the Punchline and a special screening of “The Martian,” which includes a Q&A with the author.

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