“The Surface” Will Make a Splash at SF’s Frameline LGBTQ Film Festival by Kevin M. Thomas

surfaceposterA tender, romantic story that is seeking out a niche market is making its world premiere at Frameline, San Francisco’s LGBTQ film festival.

“The Surface” is just starting the festival rounds and will be seen for the first time in front of an audience at the Castro Theatre on Saturday, June 27 at 6pm.

The film follows the day-to-day life of a young and free spirited man, who seems content in his boring relationship – even though the guy is kind of cute albeit passive/aggressive and superficial. Our young man Evan soon develops a passion for filmmaking when he happens upon an old movie camera he picks up from a garage sale.

Director/writer Michael J. Saul has painted an honest and real portrait that makes one wonder how much of it is his own story. “The only personal elements of the story are the fact that my childhood was chronicled in home movies. My father and grandfather (for whom the film is dedicated) shot and edited home movies, then passed that interest on to me,” he says.

The story takes an interesting path as Evan, played by model-turned-actor Harry Hains, ends up befriending the son of the senior gentleman who sold him the camera. Evan actually gets interested in the character of Peter, whose home movies of his childhood were given to Evan with the sale of the camera. While Evan has sleep walked through a relationship with someone more his own age, he’s attracted to the simplicity and stability that Peter has to offer, creating a sweet May/December romance.

Saul says this too is one of the parts of the plot that he has taken a chapter of his own life as he’s “currently in an inter-generational relationship.” He adds, “Part of this story goes back to my 20s and moving from Ohio to San Francisco for the first time. Seeing the city, the people, the culture shock, puts me in mind of Evan’s  first steps as an independent adult out in the world for the first time.”

Of course, it would be hard to resist Peter, played sensitively by Michael Redford. No matter how much I googled, I could not find out if Michael is a relative of Robert Redford. But in seeing the film, you might wonder the same yourself. It seems the answer is no, but do they look related.

Saul is thrilled that the film’s world premiere will be at Frameline, “It’s a great jumping off platform for future festivals. We have submitted to many festivals around the world and are waiting to hear. The film will play at QFest Philadelphia in July,” he says.

So don’t miss your opportunity to see it first, Saturday, June 27th at 6PM at The Castro Theatre.  It’s one of my favorite films from this year’s festival. To get tickets and more information, go to www.frameline.org.

To learn more about the film and see where else it might play, go to www.thesurfacefilm.com.