This Halloween Get Into the Haunting yet Electric New Track “Ghost” by HYDDE feat. HAWKES

On “Ghost,” HYDDE collaborated with fellow EDM artists HAWKES to create a delightfully ethereal sound, highlighted by buoyant rhythms and poignant lyrics.

“’Ghost’ was written in late 2015, upon my initial meeting with HAWKES. He was still feeling the echoes of a recent breakup, and, to his credit, he quickly opened up to me,” shares HYDDE. “Every part of the song, structurally down to each instrument, is meant to represent pieces of the idea that an ex-girlfriend is like a ghost. From the haunting chords in the verse, to the raw and exposed feeling of the chorus. I wanted the listener to be able to feel the unnerving sense that her ghost is always there, lurking in the back of your mind”

HYDDE is coming off the success of his first single “Anything You Want,” on which he collaborated with rising artist, MOONZz. Released last month, “Anything You Want” was featured on Mr. Suicide Sheep, and has nearly a million plays on YouTube.

Indie Shuffle called the track “infectious, sensuous, and huge” and you can listen below: