Timely Lesbian Road Movie About Equal Rights, Full Male Frontal Nudity and Bear Webisode Make For an Exciting SF Screening of “Cloudburst” July 18


A lesbian movie that has full frontal male nudity and causes a road trip due to the lack of same sex rights will make a timely screening next week in San Francisco.

While LA is busy with the Outfest Film Festival, San Francisco will be screening “Cloudburst” on July 18, a favorite from last year’s Outfest and Frameline festivals.

Our Arts Editor and GLBT arts writer for examiner.com Kevin M. Thomas couldn’t make it to Outfest this year, so instead he’ll be showing the movie featuring Oscar winners Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker Thursday, July 18 at 7pm at San Francisco’s Opera Plaza Cinema.

This is a pre-DVD Blu Ray screening of the film released to DVD on July 30. “I am working with the cooperation of Wolfe Video,” Thomas says, pointing out that although the film has won many awards, it never got a theatrical release in the U.S. Thomas also points out that typically DVD release parties occur at bars but he thought the movie might get more attention if it’s actually screened.

And since it is a Blu-Ray screening, Thomas was able to not only keep the ticket price down ($10 in advance), and will also be screening a short film prior to the feature. “Since I am a bear and like that community I thought we could start the evening off with a screening of the first episode of the web series ‘Where the Bears Are’,” Thomas says. “Perfect time to introduce this to bear fans as the series just started its second season.”

Thomas mentions that he also has some great giveaways. “We have an early release copy of ‘Cloudburst’ which I am trying to get autographed by the director (hopefully) and the entire first season of ‘Where the Bears Are’ DVD which was signed by the cast,” he says. In addition, there are some movie tickets graciously donated by Landmark Theatres.

So whether you want to see a road movie with lesbian characters fighting for equal rights, or Olympia Dukakis dropping the f-bomb more than perhaps anyone else in cinematic history, or a bunch of bears on a “Charlie’s Angels” mission, then attending “Cloudburst” July 18 might be just a way of getting over not being able to attend LA’s Outfest.

It’s tricky to find the tickets on the Opera Plaza web page, so Thomas suggestions following his FaceBook link:


Landmark’s Opera Plaza Cinema is at 601 Van Ness, San Francisco.

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  1. gold price says:

    “Sunset Stories” fully utilizes Los Angeles as a character as a nurse tries to chase down a medical cooler, stolen from one person to the next. It takes her on a journey meeting a drag chanteuse (the wonderful Justin Vivian Bond), an ex-boyfriend (“Fast & Furious” star Sung Kang), a street artist and an androgynous mechanic as well as many famous and semi-famous cameos. Co-director/co-writer Ernesto Foronda seems to have his hands in many pots as he’s also involved with “Wildness” and has written a previous film festival favorite “Better Luck Tomorrow” and worked in many aspects of the lesbian movie “The Owls.” Am looking forward to more of his stories. “Sunset” screens July 14 at 9:30pm at Redcat.