Tony Nominated Justin Bond Performs “Close to You” at Castro Theatre in San Francisco on Valentine’s Day By Kevin Thomas


On Valentine’s Day, if you want someone to say they enjoy being close to you, as you’re lives have only just begun, Justin Bond is the voice you want to hear. Bond will be performing songs from the Carpenters during a Valentine’s concert at the Castro Theatre.

This lovely, lush evening of Marc Huestis’ presentation of “Justin Bond: Close to You,” features Tony nominated Bond, accompanied by a 10-piece orchestra, singing all the songs from the Carpenters’ signature, Grammy winning album, “Close to You,” including “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

Bond says he got the idea to do the entire Carpenters’ album after hearing Carla Bozulich’s performing the complete “Red Headed Stranger” album of Willie Nelson. “This seems like such an interesting exercise, so I wanted to do it myself,” Bond says. Bond adds that he has always loved the Carpenters’ album’s pacing and structure, and grew up singing every track from the album, which he says is really a concept album, opening with “We’ve Only Just Begun” in the morning and closing with “Another Song” at the end of the day. “I like a lot of the songs and not just the hits,” he says.

Those who do not recognize the Tony nominated Bond by name might be more familiar with the character he plays named Kiki, as whom he’s performed at numerous international concerts and appearances with his professional partner, Herb. Bond has taken off his stilettos and wigs and put them back in the box, and has been playing concert dates as himself in New York’s Central Park, London and the Opera House in Sydney. Bond was recently named one of the five best theatrical events by Hilton Als, of New Yorker magazine.

The evening will include more than Bond performing live. Huestis is starting the evening with the short film “Justin Bond is Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex.” Bond says this is going to be fun. Huestis filmed him in the late 1980s for a film Huestis was working on, and this is a compilation of the interviews that Huestis did with the younger, more naïve Bond. This fun evening won’t feature Bond in drag, but he does promise “pretty heels” at least.

The Castro Theatre is at 429 Castro Street in San Francisco.  The evening begins at 8:15pm. Tickets are $25-35, or $75 for priority seating and admittance to the VIP post reception.  You can order by calling 415/863-0611 or at
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