Big KRIT Goes to Washington (CBC)

Big KRIT was recently in DC for the annual Congressional Black Caucus. Kimberly Hayes sat down with the artist to discuss his experience at this year’s con conference. Watch the video and download Big KRIT’s new album that dropped today. a Direct Link: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/4eva-is-a-mighty-long-time/id1291119038?mt=1&app=music&at=10ln9M   Click to read more »

The San Antonio Four Fight a Long Battle to Exonerate their Names Against Against a Slow and Stubborn Court

By Kim Hayes When you think of San Antonio, you may think of the Alamo, the championship NBA Spurs or the sweltering heat of Texas.  I have never been to San Antonio, but my association with the city is of four remarkable women who have had their lives torn apart by an unfortunate untruth of […] Click to read more »

Incarceration is the New Black By: Kimberly Hayes

As we embark upon the latest installment of the Netflix cult-classic, Orange is the New Black, we are presented with the opportunity and necessary obligation to discuss the effects of the criminal justice system and women. The White House is holding a summit today on the United State of Women, and it brings up important […] Click to read more »

FASHION 2 FETISH Flaunts the Runway June 18 in Support of Visual Aids

FASHION 2 FETISH will present an exciting rooftop fashion show and party on Saturday, June 18th at the notorious Eagle NYC. Styled and Produced by the upcoming PULSE-ACCESSORIES, by Progressive Pulse, the event will flaunt Manskins fashion line and leather gear, by Christophe Andre in a runway experience. The looks will be featured in both […] Click to read more »

SOLD the Movie Paints a Vivid Story of the Atrocities of Child Trafficking and One Girl’s Strength to Break Free By Steve V. Rodriguez

We’ve all heard of the horrible atrocities of human trafficking, but the new film “Sold”, paints a vivid portrayal and account of one girl’s experiences and ultimate strength to regain her freedom. Based on the novel by the same name by Patricia McCormick, “Sold” tells the story of a girl, Lakshmi, from Nepal who is sold […] Click to read more »

Have We Entered an Era of Selective Press by Those Who Want to Control the Media For their Benefit? By Mike Skiff

Walking through the horde of bodies at this year’s Folsom Street Fair celebrating kink and diversity, I noticed people wearing big yellow stickers with two words – “Ask First” – printed in cursive. These stickers were meant to send a bright and friendly message for others to: “Ask first before groping me,” “Ask first before […] Click to read more »

Despite China’s Attempts to Silence, Ai Weiwei through Jail and Revoking his Passport, the Revolutionary Artist Outsmarts His Native Land in Berlin with “Evidence” By Steve V. Rodriguez

This week marked the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre that occurred in 1989 when students stood in the square to peacefully protest for democracy. It is unknown to this day just how many people were killed in the square by gargantuan military machinery, but estimates range from hundreds to 2600. It’s no secret that […] Click to read more »

From Crimea to Caracas, Our Corporate Media is Still Asleep at the Wheel By Frank D. Pond

The world is either blowing up…or not…depending on which “news” source one relies upon.  GOP news, er, I mean Fox, will tell you that Obama was deficient in trusting Putin, didn’t see the crisis in Crimea (Ukraine), and has been feckless and weak in his foreign policy.  The evident proof of same seems to stem […] Click to read more »

Operation Reach Out Brings Critical Aid and Shelter to Santa Fe on the Island of Bantayan in the Philippines

The Peace Project was started back in 2010 by Lisa Schultz, who asked “If one person can singlehandedly establish World Peace Day, what can an entire creative community do?” Through her gallery, The Whole 9, she commissioned artists from around the world to submit paintings depicting what peace means to them, that were then revealed […] Click to read more »