America is fed up!

Stimulus Package 999!

Do you have your 999 plan all figured out?  Well, it looks like at this rate we may see 999 accusers of sexual harassment by Herman Cain come forward prior to any tangibility of a GOP nomination for President in 2012.  Herman Cain is a Republican Presidential candidate hopeful who has been wowing the nation with his surprise success at straw polls all across the country that gauge his chances at actually grabbing the GOP nomination.  I have no idea why the media is even entertaining this farce that Cain can seriously be considered as a potential candidate when he has absolutely NO political experience.  Cain is using his business experience as  what he thinks of as a viable qualification to run the United States of America.  Go figure.   Personally, I do not think that Cain expected to fare as well as he has during this preliminary period before the Presidential nominees are decided, he was perfectly fine with being a motivational speaker and now an author.  Cain’s resume – that includes being a business executive (CEO) of Godfather’s Pizza, head of the National Restaurant Association and a few odd jobs here or there where he allegedly led in a position of power, have nothing to do with running for president, but has everything to do with furthering his career as a motivational speaker and an author.  Since Cain announced that he would run for President, he’s been booked at speaking engagements everywhere for a nominal fee, his books are flying off of bookshelves everywhere and his popularity is undeniable.  Mission accomplished.  Good job Herman Cain.  You have definitely proven your business skills to be stellar.  You’ve made the best business decision of your career, the speaking engagements that you longed to overcharge folks to attend is now entry level and people will now actually read your books.  So the question now is, who is going to stop this charade?  I cannot get with the press enabling this unintelligible man any longer.   His lack of respect for foreign countries appalled me when I heard his now famous line, “I’m ready for the gotcha questions.  If they ask me do I know what the capital of Uz-beki, beki, beki, beki, stan-stan is, I’ll say no, do you?”  (Please find this clip if you have not already seen it – Courtesy – Comedy Central – The Colbert Report.

The field of other potential candidates for the 2012 Presidential election leaves a lot to be desired.  No one is taken very seriously so far, which is why Herman Cain has been able to flourish.  As of late, contender Rick Perry who previously lost leverage for his anti-abortion, pro-HPV mandates for children in TX and other ludicrous positions, has recently gained support from former president Bill Clinton with his decision to allow undocumented residents in Texas to be able to attend in-state college tuition-free.  Perry recently signed a bill to allow for undocumented residents to be considered for this option but he has drawn a lot of criticism because of the bill.

Other GOP presidential hopefuls that continue to show up at political debates include Michelle Bachman, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and a few other folks that at this point make no difference.  And is it me, or are there like a million and one GOP debates?  There were only a handful during the last presidential election and most of those potential candidates won’t even make the ballot.  Stop wasting our time and interrupting Modern Family!