Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo….. By Kimberly Hayes

Well folks, we’re months away from the next presidential election and so far it’s President Obama vs. we have no idea!  The GOP has until the end of summer to declare a nominee for their party to compete against the incumbent President for the title.  As it stands right now, there is no clear winner ahead of the pack.  Over the course of the last several months, we’ve seen what seems like millions of debates between the Republican candidates and several candidates have dropped out (thank you) and now we’re down to a likely 3 “strong” candidates or as I like to call them,  good jokes.

I don’t seem to be alone in my assessment of the picks put in front of the public to choose from.  None of the candidates are particularly strong in trying to gain support of voters.  For most voters it puts them in place familiar to voters of the 2000 presidential election when it was a lesser of two evils decision to make when it was a choice between Al Gore & George Bush – did someone say yawn festival?  No one was in love with the candidates presented to us, but who else would save us from the other evil?

Fast forward to 2012, on the right there is Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum that are in serious contention for the slot.  The primary results have been all over the place, Romney wins in 4 states, Newt wins in 2, Santorum pulls an upset and is now on a stride, but none of this makes the republican party feel particularly confident.  The results reflect a lack of confidence in the candidates and sounds good to the democratic party because no matter who is selected, it doesn’t look like either of the potential candidates will be powerful enough to challenge the president on any level.

This road to the White House this time around doesn’t seem to be any less mud-slingy than any election other year.  What I’ve seen is how down-right mean the people headed for the White House can be and that’s clearly what this country needs more of right?  Personal attacks on people’s families, appearance and number of divorces seem like criteria that would be featured on a reality show, not a run for a public office.

Speaking of reality show type drama, reports confirm that Rick Santorum is accusing Mitt Romney of rigging the CPAC vote in Maine.  Santorum was enjoying some surprise wins in primaries over the last week putting a halt to Mitt’s streak in the last several primaries.  Newt’s wins seem a distant thing of the past.  The race does not have one front runner at the time, based on the primary results it may a while before we get close to who will be the potential nominee.

Romney seems like he would be the most viable choice, however, his past seems to continue to haunt him with his involvement or lack thereof with his Super PAC and the details of operations from his days at Bain Capital.  There is a looming distrust of Mitt’s financial dealings with the organizations that he’s been involved in and that may cast a shadow of doubt above all else, but that will remain to be seen.

Gingrich has to overcome his legacy of divorcing ailing wives and being insensitive to minorities and the poor before America will rally support around him.  The problem here is that Newt doesn’t see a problem with either of these things.  He continues to distance himself from minorities and the poor while sticking his foot in his mouth at every chance he gets.


In other news, we’re back at this very familiar road surrounding the issue of birth control.  I don’t know how many times I will have to say this, but if this was a an issue concerning men, it would not be a debate.  Sorry, but it’s simply true.  This week the White House announced that it will become mandatory for employers to pay co-pays for contraception.  This brilliant move by the democrats shifted the discussion from the Obama unemployment record to the very controversial issue of birth control.  Everyone’s now up in arms about it and telling women how to conduct their lives inside the bedroom and why it’s not okay to use birth control.  Point Obama administration!

My biggest problem with this issue is the amount of women who are on the bandwagon to prevent other women from making personal choices about their reproductive choices or not.  It’s like a brainwashing of sorts from those have spoken out about it for so long and then the female supporters of oppressing women from their choice are guilty of continuing to perpetuate the judgment.  Instead of upholding a standard of choice, several pundits of the female persuasion thinks it’s better to impose their personal opinions on others, which can’t be fair or good for anyone else.  Please be better than this.  Let women make choices that won’t personally effect you without giving your judgment.  Live in love.

This post is dedicated to Don Corneilus and Whitney Houston.

Love, Peace and Soul…