Obama and the Man in the Frame By Frank D. Pond

In what might be the least shocking of news, Willard Mitt Romney secured the GOP Presidential nomination this week with his big win, over no one, in the Texas Primary.  So, the General Election is really on.  But, it all feels surreal to me.  How can a President as calm, deliberate, effective, impactful, careful, bold (yes hard as that fits he is deliberate, careful AND bold) and impressive be tied with a guy that has all the reality and appeal of the guy who’s picture you get when you buy a frame at the pharmacy?

I mean, really?  What exactly is Mitt’s plan for the economy?  I have seen nothing from him other than proposing a re-hash of Bush from 2001-2008.  And we all know where that got us.  What is his background in creating jobs (he snuffed them out while buying and gutting companies—Gordon Gecko with a smile instead of sneer; he was nearly dead last in creating jobs while Governor)?  What is his foreign policy plan and strategy regarding Afghanistan and terror?  Well, he thinks Russia is our number one enemy (calling Ward Cleaver or Gerald Ford); he wants a commission to study Afghanistan and will otherwise defer to the Generals on the ground (the one’s who want to stay there for another decade); he wants to be tough with Iran (another war) and Syria (a fourth) but decries the success in Libya and says Obama is apologizing all the time.

Is this guy for real?  Now he is hanging out with Donald Trump (who is blathering about Obama’s birth certificate—hey EVEN ARIZONA has seen the Birth Certificate and says its real and thus qualified Obama for the ballot there) and if the present government in Arizona gets it shouldn’t it sink in even to the follically challenged?  And he is quietly letting his billionaire cronies (oh, no they are coordinated with the campaign) relitigate nonsense like Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and now the nuttiness that Obama must show his College transcript (the claim being to see what grades he got….HUH???  But really it is in the hope that he studied something that could let the nutcases go ape about his anti-colonial Mau Mau tendencies—their phrase, right Newt, not mine!).

So, it is President “Accomplishment” versus the guy in the pharmacy photo frame.  And it is tied.  Oh my.  Yes, I wish we had medicare for all but Obama was stuck with the most obstinant, recalcitrant Congress (record use of Filibuster—by integral not by a little) so had to get what he could.  And, when Obamacare starts (unless hijacked by John Roberts), I bet people will get it that it is good for most of us and an improvement in the health care scheme.  And, yes, I wish Obama had been able to double the money he used to reinvest so we would have seen more jobs but the numbers are heading in the right direction.

How can we hand over the reigns to a “know-nothing” “say-nothing” and “do-nothing” guy who has shown ability in making rich people richer, chasing poor and middle class out of jobs, serving as a mediocre governor and face man for the Salt Lake Olympics.  We can’t…it is as simple as that. And we won’t.  Not so long as rational minds vote and people who love this country get involved.

I have never seen a better President than Barack Obama.  I am glad he takes his time when deliberating over a tough decision and then acts boldly when he decides the time is right (see GM/Chrysler bailout; Afghanistan; Bin Laden; Marriage Equality) and sometimes gets the good when the best is out of reach rather than leaving us with the bad and ugly (see Health Care, American Reinvestment Act).  This ain’t even a close call.  Get involved now!  Or you might as well head over to CVS and pick up a new frame and salute the guy in the picture.  Pure plastic.