Occupy Everywhere

By now, almost every town in America has an “Occupy [Insert City Here]” movement in protest to Wall Street and big banks and their relationship with the state of the current economy in America.  People are unemployed and people are fed up.  The illustration of solidarity in citizens’ respective communities are sending a message the people want the big banks and Wall Street to feel a little of what most of America (excluding Wall Street) is feeling.  Arrests are being made all over the place to remove citizens that are passionate about this issue and are sacrificing their temporary freedom and voice to show and prove that they won’t stand for it anymore.  Even in a small town, you can see people with self-made signs showing their disgust and disdain for how things have gotten this far with businesses in America.  The protest definitely makes a bold statement and I don’t see it going away anytime soon, even with the arrests.  People are looking for some type of solace in their country and it is very hard to see big corporations flourish while everyday people are struggling to make ends meet.

President Obama has been taking measures to incorporate alternative ways to fix the economy.  Bills are being signed, but the passing of the bills is where we run into problems.  This is nothing new, but every locale seems strained because of the current state of the union.  This has to change!!  And speaking of state of the union, don’t expect things to change in the process of how we elect a president anytime soon.  There were talks of revamping the electoral process and the role of the electoral college has been a conversation that has been sparked over the last several years, but it looks like it won’t be going anywhere just yet.  The super congress has temporarily shut down any hint of this process being changed.   We’ll see how things go in 2012 and revisit again once it’s back on the table.