The Blind Eye Towards Africa Returns Despite the Lessons of Rwanda: The Silent Tragedy of Mali 2012 By: Frank D. Pond

As many readers might know, I often write about travel as well as politics.  I had hoped to write a beautiful piece about the breathtaking country of Mali in West Africa after a visit there I had planned for this October.  Alas, that trip and that article won’t come to pass.  Instead, I write today […] Click to read more »

Taxing my Patience The Reality of Obamacare and the Supreme Court By Frank D. Pond

Despite the monumental decision on the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, by the Supreme Court in a decision drafted by the uber conservative Republican Chief Justice, the media have again allowed the GOP to take the public into Wonderland as to what it means.  Up is still down, right is still left and the media […] Click to read more »

Getting Violent: The War Against Women by the GOP by Frank Pond

Some things in life should be non-controversial.  One of these seems to be the very successful “Violence Against Women Act”  of VAWA which has sown improvements in terms of crimes against women in America.  VAWA is up again before Congress and the Senate for Reenactment and, guess what, the Repugnicans have determined to make yet […] Click to read more »

The President Evolves…How Marriage Equality Became the First Position Taken by President Obama in Reelection Campaign by Frank D. Pond (aka Walden)

What a week!  President Obama announced (formally and to no surprise) that he is running for reelection.  What may have been clear for months was made official this past weekend.  This was not newsworthy nor were his rallies which (though Drudge,, Fox all drubbed as “undersold”) which were full at 4x the capacity of […] Click to read more »

The Peace Project can change the world beginning in Sierra Leone

Changing the world is exactly what gallery owner, Lisa Schultz is trying to do beginning with Sierra Leone, Africa. About a year and a half ago, Schultz, who runs and owns The Whole 9 Gallery in Culver City, California,  began The Peace Project inspired by some of the art she had seen. Schultz had also […] Click to read more »

Q&A with Political Correspondent Kimberly Hayes and her work with in Haiti

How did you get involved with Habitat for Humanity? HAYES: I applied for the opportunity to travel to Haiti with President Jimmy Carter & Habitat for Humanity.  It was a screening and selection process and I made the cut. When did President Carter and Rosalynn Carter get involved with Habitat for Humanity? Was it in […] Click to read more »