Proposition 8 is Dead! Or is it? By Frank Pond

Proposition 8 was declared unconstitutional (again) by a three Judge panel of the (Federal) Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Circuit covers California and other western States but this opinion only applies to California.  In fact, the narrowness of the holding by the Court is what makes it likely that there will be marriage equality […] Click to read more »

“8” Gives Audiences a Front Row Seat to the Federal Constituionality of Propostion 8.

On September 19th a stage reading of the new play, “8″ written by Dustin Lance Black and directed by Joe Mantello brought to life last year’s federal court hearings where two couples, Sandy Stier & Kristin Perry and Jeff Zarrillo & Paul Katami, filed suit against Proposition 8 in the Federal Court. Representing them were […] Click to read more »

Occupy Everywhere

By now, almost every town in America has an “Occupy [Insert City Here]” movement in protest to Wall Street and big banks and their relationship with the state of the current economy in America.  People are unemployed and people are fed up.  The illustration of solidarity in citizens’ respective communities are sending a message the […] Click to read more »

America is fed up!

Stimulus Package 999! Do you have your 999 plan all figured out?  Well, it looks like at this rate we may see 999 accusers of sexual harassment by Herman Cain come forward prior to any tangibility of a GOP nomination for President in 2012.  Herman Cain is a Republican Presidential candidate hopeful who has been […] Click to read more »