Romney/Ryan??? By Frank D. Pond

So, the suspense, if there ever was any, is over.  Roll the drums…Willard Mitt Romney picked a middle aged straight white man, Paul Ryan,  to run as his Vice Presidential running mate.  And his voting record is to the right of Michele Bachmann.  Shock upon shock.  Is it going to help Mitt in the polls.  You bet.  The next month will allow the flatulent corporate media to gush with the boldness of the pick and to focus on the too early horserace polls which should show a jump to Mitt a la Sarah Palin’s pick in 2008.  In fact, I am betting that the polls put Romney/Ryan ahead of Obama/Biden by the time the GOP convention takes place.  But then the Dems get to speak and by the second night in Charlotte when Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren rip the veneer off the Ryan plan (and since Romney has no plan for the economy other than more tax cuts for the wealthy and a tax increase for the middle class–I’m not making that up–it will be the Romney/Ryan plan), the truth of the Ayn Rand Republicans should take hold and the race be Obama’s for the taking subject to some crisis yet unknown.

Why Paul Ryan?  Because Willard has no soul, no mind, no opinions, no thoughts other than I want to win and keep taxes low for wealthy people.  He is a cypher having changed opinions or made up his opinions to fit the audience as he has shimmied through his political life.  Ryan on the other hand is a bowl full of opinions.  He really does round out the ticket in that the ticket now stands for something.  What it stand for though includes:  a full dismantling of Medicare, a social security system that will truly no longer exist (and which fixes something that isn’t even broken), tax cuts for the uber-rich, tax hikes on the middle class, a war on women and the poor, a fealty to the Tea Party and the evangelical movement (even though Romney is LDS and Ryan is Roman Catholic–albeit one of the most conservative bent).  That Ryan once voted for ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to protect LGB citizens–though not T) will be quickly dismissed and both Romney and Ryan will get right with the bigots in the country on just about all issues.

So what would Medicare look like under the Romney/Ryan plan:  well no changes if you are 55 and older (at least for now, cue the music to change that once they win the Senior vote) but essentially no Medicare for those of us under 55.  We would instead get vouchers to buy private insurance (you know, the no good crap we sometimes get from our employers) that will be poor coverage and higher deductibles than one can imagine since why the heck would an insurance company put together a gold plated program of benefits like Seniors now get from the government through Medicare and offer it to old and sick people???  This despite the years we have been investing in the Medicare system.  Don’t like it, move to Canada, I guess.

Medicaid for the poor…forget it.  That will be block granted to the states and so if you live in a well off caring state, you might do fine.  If you live in a state like Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, Mississippi for instance (or how about Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan for another) good luck especially if you are a poor woman who wants to be cared for, protected and would have to fight for a simple vaginal exam unless, that is, that woman says she wants an abortion.  If she does, then the State will pay for the most intrusive procedures imaginable and require them to boot.  So, I guess all women will have to pretend they want abortions if they want simple care covered.  Oh my!

Social Security:  gone because the debt scarers have said it will run out of money in 2046.  Yes, you read that right.  We better get right on that!  Of course, the easiest fix would be to lift the cap of about $97,000 and tax every dollar earned above that rate–i.e. apply fairness.  Heck they could do that AND LOWER the tax rate for social security and secure the system for at least 200 years.  But why do that?  It might interfere with “job creation” by the uber rich, right?  Instead, let’s raise the social security age to 70, add penalties if you are poor and need it sooner and ultimately gut the system.   FDR is rolling in his grave and we won’t be able to afford a grave of our own (though thanks to no Medicare, the need for the grave should come sooner) under this plan.

Other great stuff:  between Romney and Ryan we will have tax cuts for the wealthy, a middle class tax increase, further loss of basic social services and a foreign policy defined by Romney (how’d that last trip go) and Ryan (does he even have a Passport).  Zero foreign policy, zero terrorism knowledge, zero commander and chief between the two and one has a history of vulture capitalism and the other is a lifetime politician without any private sector experience (really).

One can’t make this all up.  It’s “morning again in America” at least for straight, white, middle aged men of wealth and we better do something more than pull up the covers over our heads before it is too late.