What to expect from the road to Charlotte and the upcoming DNC By Frank D. Pond

I have the honor of being selected as an At-Large Delegate for President Obama at this years Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I will be sitting with the largest delegation, from California, made up of a diverse group of people proudly representing our wonderfully diverse and progressive State.  The action takes place from September 3rd through September 6th (the night that President Obama accepts renomination).  The actual convention has been shortened (many viewers may be grateful for that) from 4 to 3 nights with the 3rd being Labor Day and a day for meetings and some festive gatherings.

The Convention will showcase many of the great Democrats from around the country but the highlights on the first night will be the First Lady, Michele Obama and Keynote Speaker, Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro–a true celebration of our nation’s diversity and inclusion (as opposed to the feeble attempts by the corporate media to suggest diversity at the GOP meeting in Tampa the week before by pointing their camera to a tiny fraction of persons of color who may be delegates there).

I predict the second night will provide the most fireworks as the two highlighted speakers, Elizabeth Warren, candidate for the US Senate from Massachusetts, and President Bill Clinton, should set out to explain how bad things would be with a Romney-Ryan-Republican Administration.  Then the third night will be speeches by the Vice-President and President which will set up exactly what the next four years will look like with their reelection.

To recap, night one should be a celebration of that which makes America greatest–our people and the diversity that is our blessing.  The second night should be an explication of what a return to the Bush era, but worse, would mean to this country and our economy.  And the final night should be an uplifting and clear statement of where we are going when, not if, we reelect President Obama and Vice-President Biden.

The Convention will be in the most purple of states, North Carolina, and should give the Obama-Biden ticket a boost there in the now not-solid South.  Providing a clear rationale for why four more years will right the ship (after 8 years of catastrophic mistakes from 2000-2008, how could a fix come in just 4 years?), the Convention should put the exclamation point on why we need this President on the job.  His successes are shockingly large and yet his salesmanship has not been perfect–this Convention provides a platform to right the latter.

And speaking of Platforms, it will be my distinct honor, and one for me to remember for the rest of my life, to vote to include marriage equality into the Democratic Platform.  Wow!  That alone promises to make this a most special week in Charlotte.  Its going to be fun.  But the road ahead will be hard and we all will need to hit the pavement and make sure that America gets the President we need and deserve.  Barack Obama is that man!

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