3-Minute Shoulder & Cardio Video Routine with José Fernández

  Jose Fernandez is back with another 3-Minute killer workout focusing on shoulders and cardio. The total shoulder workout will not only sculpt your muscles for Summer, but will raise your heart rate while you burn calories. Try this video workout anytime and anyplace and follow up with one of his two 3-minute killer ab […] Click to read more »

Nutritionist & Fitness Expert, José Fernández is “Saving Lives” in his new book, “Salvando Vidas” Video Feature

Each day José Fernández is literally saving lives on his national Univision radio show as callers ask the nutritionist and fitness expert advice on how to eat right and stay active. In a recent visit, I was fortunate to sit in the Univision radio studion in Miami and witness first hand the lives Fernandez is saving. Callers […] Click to read more »

3-Minute Crazy Abs Video for Summer 2013 by Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, José Fernández

Who doesn’t want crazy abs this Summer, or at least improve our mid-section for the season that awaits? Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, José Fernández is back with another 3-Minute Video routine to help strengthen our core that we can do anytime and anyplace. Fernandez recommends doing this 3-minute routine 2-3 times per week, while making sure […] Click to read more »