Films of Families, Drugs and Conflicts Make For a Great Way to End Spring by Kevin M. Thomas

Film festival favorites are making a strong showing the second half of May. Truly one of the most delightful films from any festival, “Margarita, with a Straw” not only will be on DVD and VOD in June, but it will have a theatrical run starting May 20 at Los Angeles’ Arena Cinema, in San Francisco’s […] Click to read more »

A Film is Reborn: New Cut of “54” Brings Sex, Drugs and Grit to Outfest by Kevin M. Thomas

Remember when DVDs were first released and they had director’s commentary and extra footage. How exciting. We realized after awhile, there was a reason those scenes were cut- they added nothing to advance the plot and often simply inane. Since then, the interest in “director’s cut” has greatly diminished. But “director’s cut” gets a whole […] Click to read more »

LGBTQ Frameline Film Festival in Full Swing with Stories of “Magic,” “Love,” “Fresno” and Things Bubbling Below the Surface by Kevin M. Thomas

The Frameline LGBTQ Film Festival is now underway and there still isn’t enough time in the day to see every picture. I’ve been spending almost every waking hour trying to catch up on all of the films, but thus far I’ve seen just over 30 films. This list doesn’t include all of the best the […] Click to read more »