Oscar Observation: Why Isn’t Rooney Mara Nominated for Best Actress? by Kevin M. Thomas

The Academy Award nominations were announced Jan. 14 and no matter how many surprises or snubs were among them, nothing was more noteworthy than to see if Rooney Mara was nominated for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress for “Carol” and if Alicia Vikander will be nominated for one or two awards. Spoiler alert, both […] Click to read more »

Oscar Nominations Aren’t Necessarily a Case of Black and White by Kevin M. Thomas

The Academy Award nominations were announced recently and everyone nominated in the acting categories is white. No color at all. While this does draw attention, it isn’t the first time that a movie or actor has been snubbed – whether they are of any color, race or sexual orientation. This year’s acting nominees the only […] Click to read more »

Catching Up with the Oscars: Seeing Current Nominees and Old Classics To Set the Mood by Kevin M. Thomas

The Academy Awards are the topic of many a conversation – whether it’s at a party, the water cooler or at the movie concession stand. Now is the time to cram for Oscar contests by catching up on this year’s nominees and getting in the mood by watching some old classic winners (and losers) on […] Click to read more »

The Jewel that is STILL ALICE by Frank D. Pond

  Still Alice is a jewel of a film with performances that border the sublime.  The Golden Globe voters got that too in rewarding the breathtaking performance by Julianne Moore.  The film opens on January 16th and is one that should not be missed. Yet, I almost took a pass on the film.  Noting that […] Click to read more »

“Facing Fear” Oscar Nominee Feeling Fearless Before His Date With Oscar Next Month by Kevin M. Thomas

Jason Cohen has been too busy to realize that his name from now on will have the word “Oscar” in front of. Whether he remains a nominee or becomes a winner on March 2, Cohen will have a new title. In the land of movies, that’s as impressive as Dame or Lord. But it doesn’t […] Click to read more »

"NO" from Chile stars Gael Garcia Bernal

Does Best Foreign Film nominee, “NO” with Gael Garcia Bernal have a chance at YES? By Steve V. Rodriguez

“NO” is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and is worth seeing for it’s history lesson into Chile’s political turn of events that arguably set the country free in 1988 from the dictatorship of Pinochet. Starring Gael Garcia Bernal, the film was the final part of a trilogy by director Pablo Larrain. […] Click to read more »

“Searching For Sugar Man” is an extraordinary story about the artist you never heard of known as Rodriguez – UPDATE: NOMINATED FOR ACADEMY AWARD!

True talent does finally rise to the surface in Malik Bendjelloul’s  extraordinary documentary, “Searching for Sugar Man”, which is now nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary!  Chances are you have never  heard of the late 60’s/early 70’s recording artist, Rodriguez, correct? Well that’s because his career was squashed by his label after only […] Click to read more »

Singing the praises of “Silence!”: Off-Broadway musical big entertainment, little money by Kevin M. Thomas

There’s a lot of shows on and off Broadway that are commanding top dollar. And many of them are worth it. But in the flurry of movies that become theatrical musicals there are few that offer so much for so little money.”Silence!” the riotous satire of “Silence of the Lambs” is only asking for as […] Click to read more »