Find Out Why We Love Mezcal and Why it’s the New Tequila By Steve V. Rodriguez

One of the most increased imports coming out of Mexico in the last few years has been the spirit Mezcal. Like Tequila, Mezcal is also made from the agave plant, however instead of blue agave, it’s traditionally made from the Maguey form and other agave varieties. Described as smokier than tequila, Mezcal is showing up […] Click to read more »

Chef Angelo Sosa talks about his new book, “Flavor Exposed” plus his restaurant Social Eatz

Chef Angelo Sosa chats to Kimberly Hayes about his new book, “Flavor Exposed” which combines recipes with personal stories from Chef Sosa’s background. Sosa and Hayes met at Sosa’s first restaurant on the Eastside, Social Eatz to sample some signature dishes from the restaurant and discuss the book. Watch the video interview below and get […] Click to read more »

Chef Angelo Sosa invites us into his new restaurant, Anejo, Tequileria

Former Top Chef contestant, Angelo Sosa has been busy with his two restaurants in New York City, Social Eatz and now his new one on the  westside, Anejo Tequileria. The former which specializes in global Asian cuisine couldn’t be more opposite than his new one which serves up authentic Mexican cuisine featuring top Tequila and […] Click to read more »