Musical Parody “Showgirls” with April Kidwell Must Go On by Kevin M. Thomas

“Showgirls: The Musical” might be ending in a few weeks, but not if April Kidwell has anything to say about it. The beautiful and determined star of the musical parody has now become one of the show’s producers. And, instead of just closing February 18  at the Theater 80 space, Kidwell has been looking for […] Click to read more »

Tawdry With Titties: “Showgirls: The Musical” succeeds as spoof by Kevin M. Thomas

If eight naked breasts and pole dancing offend you, perhaps you might skip the off-Broadway “Showgirls: The Musical” opening April 17. I for one am not easily offended,  and am quite entertained by tawdry spoofs and found this send-up to the flop movie to be thoroughly entertaining. It’s hokey, godawful, offensive and a damn good […] Click to read more »