“Transcendent” transcends Stereotypes and shines spotlight on Sisterhood by Kevin M. Thomas

  When there’s a party at San Francisco’s AsiaSF, you know you’re in for a treat. They are known to make bridal and corporate parties unforgettable. But Tuesday night, AsiaSF threw a more personal party – the premiere of “Transcendent,” a TV show debuting on the Fuse network Sept. 30 at 11:30pm EST. “Transcendent” is […] Click to read more »

The Truth About the New Documentary, “What’s The T?”

In his new documentary, Cecilio Asuncion asks the question, “What’s the T?” to a diverse pool of  transgendered women from New York to San Francisco, who are living their lives in everyday situations while pursuing their dreams. Watch the video interview below and see the film Friday at San Francisco, Frameline Film Festival. Visit: Whatsthetfilm.com Click to read more »