Ethereal Magic Continues for a New Era on Blue Six’s, “Signs & Wonders”

It’s been awhile, four years actually,  since we heard from the ethereal magic from producer, Jay Denes and his Naked Music sounds,  entitled Blue Six. “Signs & Words” just recently dropped and fans of Blue Six will not be disappointed as the ethereal grooves live on with the benefit of live guitars,  and heavy bass […] Click to read more »

Soledrifter’s New EP, “No Holding Back” is Filled with Sensuous Vocals, Deep Bass and Plenty of Soul

Soledrifter, also known as Dmitry Meshcheryakov, is out with a brand new EP, “No Holding Back” that is filled with heavy bass Deep House grooves. The musician, turned House producer, has created a four-track EP of soulful House tracks that could easily ignite any good evening, keep the night pushing forward,  or find their way […] Click to read more »