Gerald McCullouch’s “Daddy” Has Impressive Attributes by Kevin M. Thomas

Accomplished stage and screen actor Gerald McCullouch makes an impressive directorial debut with the new movie “Daddy,” currently making the film festival circuit. The story at first glance seems to be one familiar to many of us as well as one that is comfortable for McCullouch as an actor to play: an older man develops […] Click to read more »

“Daddy” Needs a Kick in Order to Get Made by Kevin M. Thomas

It’s Gerald. GARold. Not JERold. It’s a hard G. Gerald McCullouch would be a household name – if you can just say it correctly. He’s actually taken in stride that many can’t say his name correctly –  even going as far as using “It’s a Hard G” in social media. McCullouch is easily identifiable when you see his […] Click to read more »