Web Series – “Hustling” Star/Creator Gives Cause to Look Deeper by Kevin Thomas

He’s hot. He’s talented. And you’ve seen him. Sebastian La Cause is one of those sexy talents that you may remember seeing as his model good looks aren’t easy to forget. But his talent also can’t be denied – from the muscular Rocky in “The Rocky Horror Show” or one of the cheating husbands from […] Click to read more »

Local Theatre Spotlight – “The Sugar Witch”: A Little Chat with a Little Debbie by Kevin M. Thomas

Totally unlike the simple-minded yet sinister part she plays in “The Sugar Witch,” AJ Davenport is a vibrant and witty woman who made it such pleasure to sit down with over Little Debbie snack cakes. It was fun catching up with my old friend AJ, who is in the New Conservatory Theatre’s “Sugar Witch” through […] Click to read more »