Why you need to put Bordeaux, France on your travel radar Editorial & Photos Below By: Steve V. Rodriguez

I can honestly admit that I have come to a place in my life where I welcome the unknown and the surprises that await. By not expecting too much, I find that what is unveiled usually can be quite fulfilling in life. This past Summer my Editor and friend, Frank D. Pond and I were […] Click to read more »

The documentary, RED OBSESSION looks beyond the world’s love affair with wine and deeper into the big business from Bordeaux to China By Steve V. Rodriguez

The current documentary which was screened earlier this year at Tribeca Film Festival, “Red Obsession”, is an in depth and fascinating investigation into the business of wine, which transports the viewer from Bordeaux to China. The film, which is available for rent or purchase on Amazon and  iTunes, was directed and written by David Roache […] Click to read more »