QVLN aka Quetzal Guerrero is back with “American Import” that further expands the musician’s global roots and influences

QVLN aka Quetzal Guerrero is back with a new album, “American Import” that show’s the musician/singer/artist further evolving and  drawing on a multitude of sounds from Rock, Latin, Indigenous, Folk, R&B, and even a North Eastern part of Brazilian music known as  Forró . The classically trained violinist told us he wrote much of the new […] Click to read more »

“Futuro Beach” is a transitory and visual story told in three parts about how love can change the course of life By Steve V. Rodriguez

Told in three parts, “Futuro Beach” is a transitory film that begins in the volatile beaches of Brazil and transports the viewer to the ever-evolving city of Berlin. Director, Karim Ainouz ignites his film with a visual and aggressive start featuring two German motorcyclists in full throttle heading to the beach. The extreme sport launch has the […] Click to read more »

The Coming of Age Film, THE WAY HE LOOKS, is in line with the Next Wave of Gay Cinema that Focuses Less on Sexual Orientation, than with a Solid Storyline By Steve V. Rodriguez

From Brazil comes this sweet film that looks at three angst ridden teens in high school, who are all trying to fit in. What makes it different is director, Daniel Ribeiro’s approach to not have his actors over act, or fall into a campier method of writing a la ‘Glee’ or ‘G.B.F.’. The latter really […] Click to read more »

Amazonia, the Magnificent by Meera Kamra-Kelsey

You have them, bucket list travel destinations that appeal for their mysterious exoticism but you know little about them. You’d go if the stars aligned.  For me, one of these has long been the Amazon River.  Movies, books, ecology, geopolitics, cannibals and other deep dark history have all exacerbated this yen.  Little else in Brazil […] Click to read more »

Brazilian fashion line, Osklen showcased a vibrant and architectural Spring 2014 collection for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Well known in Brazil for it’s comfortable, quality driven urban wear, Osklen is led by creative director, Oscar Metsavaht,  and is now being recognized as a global brand in Tokyo, New York, Miami, Milan, Rome, Buenos Aires, and Punta Del Este. There are Osklen showrooms in Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Japan and the United […] Click to read more »

Brazilian Spring – What Really is Going on with the Brazilian Protests; A Brazilian Citizen’s Perspective Editorial & Photos by Patrick K. Sister

You might have read somewhere (or watched on TV) about the protests in Brazil. I’m here to tell you a little bit about it. Not as a journalist but as a Brazilian citizen who’s been caught in the middle of this. A bit of geography: Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world with […] Click to read more »

Top Brazilian fashion label, Osklen, turn heads at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for Spring 2013

Top Brazilian label, Osklen, has been designing beachwear and relaxed resort wear for men and women for years. Mostly known in their native country, Brazil and led by lead visionary,  Oskar Metsavaht, the label has stepped up their image to include sophisticated ready to wear lines that could easily be spotted on the streets of […] Click to read more »

Lollapalooza Brazil 2012 By Patrick K. Sister

I’m not wasting words on the history ‘cause I think everyone has an idea of what Lollapalooza is. But I can alert to the fact that since 1991 this is the second year Perry Farrell takes this party outside of the US. Last year (2011) there was an edition in Chile and this year, on […] Click to read more »

Brazilian Photographers Commemorate 9/11 at Group Exhibition

1500 Gallery hosted an exhibition: PHOTOS_WTC: a group show commemorating 9/11 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 which will run until Setp. 17th.  Curated by Fernando Costa Netto, Netto received 60 photos of Brazilian photographers who had shot the twin towers as early as the 80’s and as late as 2009. The latter […] Click to read more »

Art In The City: 3 Progressive Picks From Uptown to Downtown By: Steve V. Rodriguez

Last week,  on a beautiful Spring day in New York City, I visited three  new  progressive art exhibits covering some extensive territory including both east and west  sides. From Uptown’s Guggenheim Museum to Downtown’s Deitch Projects Gallery which unfortunately will close at the end of May, I ended my day in Chelsea at Gallery 1500’s […] Click to read more »