Bay Area “Rags” Songs Miss the Boat by the Production is First Class by Kevin M. Thomas

It wouldn’t mean much if I said that “Rags” is the best thing the Willows Cabaret has done since “Avenue Q” since that was the last show I saw there. But, it’s true! The small Willows Theatre has turned “Rags” into a major, accomplished production, thanks to an excellent cast, sharp and innovative direction and […] Click to read more »

Playing it Straight on Broadway: Gay actors “het” it up in Musicals by Kevin M. Thomas

There’s been a lot of talk about how convincing out actor Sean Hayes is as a heterosexual in the musical revival of “Promises, Promises” as well as a little speculation on the authenticity of the work of Nathan Lane, also gay, as the head of “The Addams Family.” Whether they are gay or straight, it […] Click to read more »

RACE Gets New Cast Members: Dennis Haysbert and Eddie Izzard Plus Extended Until August 21st!

David Mamet’s critically acclaimed play, “Race” is extended until August 21st with new cast members Eddie Izzard, Dennis Haysbert, Afton C. Williamson and original cast member, Richard Thomas. “Race” is at the Barrymore Theatre: 243 West 47th Street, NY, NY. Tickets here! Scroll down to watch the Video featuring the new cast. Click to read more »

TONY Nomination Predictions: Last Minute Thoughts on Broadway’s Big Awards by Kevin M. Thomas

The Tony nominations are just around the corner (May 4th). And, while I can’t predict them with accuracy like I do the Oscars, it certainly does seem like a good time to remember the great theatre we’ve had this passed season. While I specialize in the musical and see few plays, the buzz surrounding possible […] Click to read more »

Enjoying a Period: Costume Musicals, “A Little Night Music” With Catherine Zeta-Jones & “Ernest In Love” Excel On and Off Broadway by Kevin M. Thomas

The London revival of “A Little Night Music” seems to have made a thorough transfer to the Broadway stage, almost intact, and with the addition of a few big names. Almost a carbon copy (which is a good thing) of last spring’s production of the Stephen Sondheim gem, “Night” has added Catherine Zeta-Jones in the […] Click to read more »


It used to be, to see a Broadway show you had to go to Manhattan. Or when the touring version came to town, the great Broadway star was replaced by an average TV star. Things have changed. More and more shows are having pre-Broadway runs at theatres throughout the US, making it easier to see […] Click to read more »