WHIPLASH: A Sensory Experience and Acting Tour de Force by Frank D. Pond

This film is an intense experience.  It is as much a sensory concerto as it is a story with music.  The audience isn’t allowed to simply watch the frames go by but rather is immersed in the drama,  the feel, the frustration, the fear and the rhapsody which is jazz.  Whiplash is like riding a […] Click to read more »

Tribeca Film Festival: 3 Noteworthy Films tackle Temptation, Guilt & Bullying By Steve V. Rodriguez

Tribeca Film Festival celebrates 10 years this year and I had a chance to see a few selected features, 2 of which will be released nationally and the other dealing with the relevant topic of kids and bullying. Good news for those that can’t wait as 2 of the films are being offered to rent […] Click to read more »