Have We Entered an Era of Selective Press by Those Who Want to Control the Media For their Benefit? By Mike Skiff

Walking through the horde of bodies at this year’s Folsom Street Fair celebrating kink and diversity, I noticed people wearing big yellow stickers with two words – “Ask First” – printed in cursive. These stickers were meant to send a bright and friendly message for others to: “Ask first before groping me,” “Ask first before […] Click to read more »

“Folsom Forever” Unveils an Important History Lesson of a Misunderstood Culture and the Positive Impact it’s had on San Francisco By Steve V. Rodriguez

In Mike Skiff’s new documentary, “Folsom Forever”, audiences will learn not only about one of the largest street fairs in the country known as Folsom Street Fair, which has catered to the leather, kink and fetish communities for 30 years,  but they will obtain a history lesson about a fair that speaks to human rights […] Click to read more »