The Business of Hospitality In Dubai featuring the Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Residence By Myrdith Leon-McCormack

“You can’t please everyone.”  We’ve all heard these words since childhood. As adults we need to believe them to survive the harsh competition and to find success in our field. While pleasing everyone may not be my ultimate goal, for a hotel franchise as large as, the Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai,  the very theory can and will […] Click to read more »

TABLET chooses the best hotels with your help and makes booking easy, affordable and fun By Frank Pond

Progressive Pulse correspondent and travel expert, Frank Pond uses Tablet to book his hotels as he travels the globe,  because he can get good rates and some of the best options for his hotel stays. We’ve found you can find some of the best boutique and hip hotels on the planet because Tablet keeps tabs […] Click to read more »