Fiddleheads: Parte Due by Meera Kamra-Kelsey

Spring!  The time of year when I hunch over in my garden, straddling struggling seedlings, foraging and nipping off fiddleheads in early mornings.  Readers with good memories may recall my article, ‘Bites: The Fiddlehead’, that appeared in this fine magazine in June 2012.  Others can check out Progressive Pulse archives. A refresher:  Fiddleheads are un-unfurled […] Click to read more »

Bites: The Fiddlehead By Meera Kamra-Kelsey

Ah, a walk in shady woods in spring.  Varies little anywhere in north-eastern North America.  Mother Nature decorates the tableau with unparalleled feng shui to engage all our senses.  Underfoot is a springy carpet woven from years of fallen leaves and needles.  The ceiling is speckled sky-blue and white, walls of fresh green unfurling leaves […] Click to read more »