SF Indie Film Fest Has Wide Range of Options and Some Award Winning Actors as Well by Kevin M. Thomas

The San Francisco Independent Film Festival starts Feb. 6 and runs through Feb. 20. This year’s IndieFest promises to be an even more eclectic program, including a few nights of Roller Disco. The festival starts off with “The Congress,” which actually stars a cast of talented, recognizable actors often not seen in some of these […] Click to read more »

"NO" from Chile stars Gael Garcia Bernal

Does Best Foreign Film nominee, “NO” with Gael Garcia Bernal have a chance at YES? By Steve V. Rodriguez

“NO” is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and is worth seeing for it’s history lesson into Chile’s political turn of events that arguably set the country free in 1988 from the dictatorship of Pinochet. Starring Gael Garcia Bernal, the film was the final part of a trilogy by director Pablo Larrain. […] Click to read more »