Films of Families, Drugs and Conflicts Make For a Great Way to End Spring by Kevin M. Thomas

Film festival favorites are making a strong showing the second half of May. Truly one of the most delightful films from any festival, “Margarita, with a Straw” not only will be on DVD and VOD in June, but it will have a theatrical run starting May 20 at Los Angeles’ Arena Cinema, in San Francisco’s […] Click to read more »

Gerald McCullouch’s “Daddy” Has Impressive Attributes by Kevin M. Thomas

Accomplished stage and screen actor Gerald McCullouch makes an impressive directorial debut with the new movie “Daddy,” currently making the film festival circuit. The story at first glance seems to be one familiar to many of us as well as one that is comfortable for McCullouch as an actor to play: an older man develops […] Click to read more »

On the Set of “HUSTLING: The Final Season” with Sebastian La Cause

It’s hard to believe that “Hustling” the award winning web series by Sebastian La Cause is entering it’s third and final season. Will Ryan Crosby find a new life path outside of porn,  and will he reunite with his Mom (Sharon Washington)? Will his best friend, Jay (Andrew Glaszek) become a porn star? And what’s […] Click to read more »

“Daddy” Needs a Kick in Order to Get Made by Kevin M. Thomas

It’s Gerald. GARold. Not JERold. It’s a hard G. Gerald McCullouch would be a household name – if you can just say it correctly. He’s actually taken in stride that many can’t say his name correctly –  even going as far as using “It’s a Hard G” in social media. McCullouch is easily identifiable when you see his […] Click to read more »

GAYFEST NYC returns stronger than before By Kevin M. Thomas

The Fifth GAYFEST NYC opened recently with a terrific play entitled, “Moonlight & Love Songs.” If the opening play is any indication, we’re in for a terrific festival. It’s not the fifth annual as the festival has not been around for the past few years. It should be welcomed back with great regalia as it not […] Click to read more »

Hibernate At Our Bear’s Hotel And Get Free “BearCity 2 ” Movie Tickets for SF Bear Weekend

Our very own bear Kevin M. Thomas will be hosting a screening of the movie “BearCity 2: The Proposal” on Friday, Feb. 15 at 10pm at San Francisco’s Opera Plaza Cinema. Progressive Pulse was one of the first to see the endearing “BearCity 2” and reported on it when it ran at the GLBT film […] Click to read more »

“Hustling” comes back – seconds anyone? by Kevin M. Thomas

We sat down for a second visit with the hot and talented Sebastian La Cause to discuss the second season of his award winning web series, “Hustling.” La Cause tells us of some of the great guests coming this season and how the monies raised from Kickstarter helped him enrich the episodes ahead. Click here […] Click to read more »

“Bearcity 2″ may be about Bears, but it’s one of the best romantic comedies to come out in years By Steve V. Rodriguez

These days I usually ignore romantic comedy films, even though I was a fan of the genre back in the day. Remember films like “Seems Like Old Times” with Goldie Hawn, and “Love Actually” with that all star cast? Those were the days when the writing was not contrived and cliche, and the acting was […] Click to read more »