Porn New York Icon’s Life Made Memorable In Newfest Documentary by Kevin M. Thomas

Wakefield Poole. People haven’t heard that name as much as they did in the glory days of porn. But there’s a fascinating and enlightening movie called “I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole” coming to New York’s Newfest July 28 and it definitely needs to be sought out.  “Yes” shows how Poole […] Click to read more »

The new documentary, I ALWAYS SAID YES: THE MANY LIVES OF WAKEFIELD POOLE is one part history and another part blueprint for reinvention By Steve V. Rodriguez

Have you heard of Wakefield Poole? I hadn’t but, now he’s my new hero for reinvention! Sure, I could skip the ups and downs of finances he endured as well as the drug addiction, but  what great artist of our time hasn’t had one or both of these at some point, and still managed to […] Click to read more »

Theatre Chat With Brian Patterson: “Dear Harvey” Is Groundbreaking and Eye Opening by Kevin M. Thomas

“Dear Harvey,” a play from letters written to or about Harvey Milk, quietly came to San Francisco a few weeks ago but we’re not going to keep quiet about it any longer. We thought we’d learn all there is about Harvey Milk from the Sean Penn Oscar winning film, yet “Dear Harvey” takes a look at […] Click to read more »

Go to the Doc, Stat! Oprah’s New OWN network premieres original documenatary series with “Becoming Chaz” as first installment By Frank Pond

Oprah (as in Winfrey) again shows how to take a good idea and make it even better!  After reigniting our passion for reading with the Oprah Book Club several years ago, Oprah has done it again but this time for films–specifically the art form known as the Documentary.  OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network) premieres “The […] Click to read more »