“Drag Becomes” Heklina Who Plays It “Straight” In Peaches Christ Production

By Kevin M. Thomas, @ReelKev   I think something happened to Heklina when she was on her Queens Overboard cruise with Peaches Christ.   She’s back – but she’ll be playing a man. Has this become a topsy-turvy world? Heklina is so popular and famous in drag that one would never think she’d take on […] Click to read more »

SF Drag “Golden Girls” Embrace Spirit of Christmas Past

by Kevin M. Thomas @ReelKev A “replacement actor” is a term used a lot in theatre. Obviously, the little girl from “Annie” can only play that part for so long so when she moves on, another girl assumes the role. It happens in television too mostly due to scheduling conflicts or health reasons, most notably […] Click to read more »

Drag “Golden Girls” Make San Francisco Jolly and Gay For the Holidays by Kevin M. Thomas

The holiday season has official kicked off in San Francisco. No, it’s not the trimming of the Union Square Christmas tree or sales left over from Black Friday, it’s the drag queen “The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes,” which plays at the Victoria Theatre through Dec. 20, 2015. In its 10th year, it’s still fresh […] Click to read more »

Peaches Christ Brings “Family Values” to Castro With “RuPaul Drag Race” Winners

by Kevin M. Thomas Peaches Christ has spoofed and screened really bad movies for years. In her pre-show, she manages to satirize the original, while showing her love for theatre and the movies.  It’s no wonder her children of the popcorn have followed her for almost two decades. She can entertain.  The last few years she’s been […] Click to read more »

Dragged Up “Sex and the City” Finds a New Oasis in San Francisco by Kevin M. Thomas

San Francisco got its sexy back. The drag “Sex and the City”€ has returned and in a new venue, SF Oasis. The drag version of the popular HBO show, that was even enjoyed by the show’€™s creator Darren Star when he came to see it last year,  has made some changes along the way in […] Click to read more »

Spilling the Tea and Feeling the Shade on the Drag Redux of San Francisco’s “Absolutely Fabulous” by Kevin M. Thomas

We had an absolutely fabulous chat with the stars from the Royal British Comedy Theatre as we caught them rehearsing to return with new live episodes of the first season of  TV’s “Absolutely Fabulous” at San Francisco’s StageWerx. The girls, or the day we met with them they were mostly men as they don’t rehearse […] Click to read more »

Enjoy “Sex” In a Different City: Sitcom Goes Live and In Drag In San Francisco by Kevin M. Thomas

“Sex” is back in the city of San Francisco. The drag version of the popular TV show was a giant hit last year, having run for months at a local bar. It even attracted the attention of the show’s creator Darren Star who gave the production “thumbs up.” Due to its popularity, it’s moved from […] Click to read more »

Tranny or Drag, and Gay Male Porn by a Woman: Just a Day in the Lives of Two of SF’s “Local Legends” by Kevin M. Thomas

   What happens when you sit down with two local legends in the hopes to learn more about them and their short films in the Frameline’s 38th Annual LGBT Film Festival? Well a lot of laughs and then a whole bunch of information. Their shorts are part of a collection called “Local Legends” and screens […] Click to read more »

SF Drag “Golden Girls” Share the Spirit of Christmas By Kevin M. Thomas

Most of the original “Golden Girls” are enjoying their time with the ghosts of Christmas Past. But the San Francisco drag “Golden Girls” are keeping the spirit of Christmas Present alive and well at the Victoria Theatre Dec. 5-22. “Golden Girls Christmas” will enjoy its eighth year bringing its fierce fun and campy Christmas antics […] Click to read more »

Peaches Christ Keeps Busy Beyond “Nine to Five” by Kevin M. Thomas

Joshua Grannell’s drag persona Peaches Christ has been in so many “trans”ed” up productions that her resume is as impressive as anyone on the stage today. “Showgirls,” “Mommie Dearest,” “Grey Gardens,” “Carrie,” “Silence of the Lambs,” “Death Becomes Her” and even “Xanadu” have all been camped up and brought to life on stage. With excitement surrounding every […] Click to read more »