Leave Your Heart in SF and Stay Across the Bay on the Sunny Side of the Bay at Oakland’s Executive Inn & Suites

Everyone knows San Francisco is one expensive city to live in and to stay due to it’s scenic beauty and charm, high tech advancements, diversity, culture and history, but with BART, Lyft and Uber readily available, travelers can stay just east of the fabulous city for a fraction of the cost, plenty of space and […] Click to read more »

The rooms at The Banke Hotel

Chic Sensuality Meets Cozy Comfort, Parisian Style: The Banke Hotel By Frank D. Pond

I love Hotels that deliver two things.  First, I want to feel at home.  Second, I want to feel that I am in a unique place unlike home.  Discordant?  Possibly but not really.  What I am looking for is a place that brings me the coziness and comfort of home but that sizzles my senses […] Click to read more »