Film Festival Favorite “Serial Monogamist” Enjoys Brief LA Run Prior to DVD Release by Kevin M. Thomas

The old joke about lesbians bringing a U-Haul on their second date because they’re ready to move in is put to the test in a creative and fun way in the movie “Portrait of a Serial Monogamist.” Commitment-phobic Elsie may move-in on the second date but she also easily moves on, leaving an array of […] Click to read more »

Timely Lesbian Road Movie About Equal Rights, Full Male Frontal Nudity and Bear Webisode Make For an Exciting SF Screening of “Cloudburst” July 18

A lesbian movie that has full frontal male nudity and causes a road trip due to the lack of same sex rights will make a timely screening next week in San Francisco. While LA is busy with the Outfest Film Festival, San Francisco will be screening “Cloudburst” on July 18, a favorite from last year’s […] Click to read more »