New York, Paris and Rome are the Backdrop for Paul Haggis’ Film, “Third Person” Posing as an Espionage Thriller with an Intimate Secret By Steve V. Rodriguez

   In Paul Haggis’ new film, “Third Person”, which just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Oscar winner who won best screenplay and picture for “Crash”, revisits similar themes of inter-connectedness and the search for love. In “Crash” the seemingly divergent and varied walks of life living in an isolated, Los Angeles, are all […] Click to read more »

“5 to 7” May Just Be the Most Romantic Modern Love Story of Our Era with Nods to Classic Films like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” By Steve V. Rodriguez

In an era where there is no shortage of action and adventure super hero films, gritty takes on the anti-hero,  and a plethora of average to good  romantic comedies, it’s refreshing to see a modern day love story succeed on many levels as  “5 to 7” does, in Victor Levin’s new film,  which premiered at the […] Click to read more »