The President Evolves…How Marriage Equality Became the First Position Taken by President Obama in Reelection Campaign by Frank D. Pond (aka Walden)

What a week!  President Obama announced (formally and to no surprise) that he is running for reelection.  What may have been clear for months was made official this past weekend.  This was not newsworthy nor were his rallies which (though Drudge,, Fox all drubbed as “undersold”) which were full at 4x the capacity of […] Click to read more »

Proposition 8 is Dead! Or is it? By Frank Pond

Proposition 8 was declared unconstitutional (again) by a three Judge panel of the (Federal) Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Circuit covers California and other western States but this opinion only applies to California.  In fact, the narrowness of the holding by the Court is what makes it likely that there will be marriage equality […] Click to read more »