The Answer to What You Can Do is Join the Global Event: Love, Peace & Light November 29!

In the wake of the Paris and Beirut attacks one might feel helpless and ask the question, “What Can I do?” The answer may be in the power of numbers and a collective gathering,  with the mission to heal and uplift the planet through the vibrations of Love, Peace and Light. Led by Dr. Joseph […] Click to read more »

Her Name is, JANEY BROWN…A Musical Force Ready to Launch – Featured Artist

It never ceases to amaze me how connected we truly are and if you have an open heart you can really allow so much positivity into your life. Such is the case with our new Featured Artist, Janey Brown who came my way via a BFF who took a yoga/meditation class in Santa Monica at the wonderful […] Click to read more »

3-Minute NAAM Series for Happiness: Ep 3 – Incorporating the Power of Planet Jupiter

Progressive Pulse is excited to be working with healing practitioner and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach,  Elena Vasilenka. If you’re not familiar with Vasilenka, you can read our Q&A to learn more about the power of NAAM Yoga and the tremendous benefits the practice has made on our new partner and host: . The benefits include lowering […] Click to read more »

Further insight into NAAM Yoga and it’s daily benefits for happiness with Elena Vasilenka By Steve V. Rodriguez

    Progressive Pulse: In learning about the power of NAAM Yoga, I’ve heard there are many benefits that can actually help improve our health like improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure. Can you elaborate on this? Elena Vasilenka: Yes, indeed, some of the benefits of Naam Yoga practice can be the improved circulation and […] Click to read more »