A Striped Down, All-Male Version of Romeo & Juliet entitled, “Shakespeares’s R& J” in San Francisco by Kevin M. Thomas

Ben Randle wears many hats. When you see him, you can see why as he would look good in any hat. Yet the handsome professional’s contribution to the arts seems more behind the scenes instead of in the spotlight. First and foremost, he’s a top notch public relations professional for the New Conservatory Theatre Center. There’s […] Click to read more »

SF Emerging Artist is No “Pansy” by Kevin M. Thomas

Evan Johnson has come a long way.  We first met him a year ago when he was in New Conservatory Theatre Center’s “Slipping” and since then he’s gone on to play Roseanne’s mother in the drag version of the famed TV series. Now, obviously he’s been recognized for his accomplishments as he’s part of NCTC’s Emerging […] Click to read more »

Two fresh gay themed shows in time for San Francisco Pride: “Slipping” and “Lips Together, Teeth Apart”

Kevin M. Thomas brings us two new progressive theater options in San Francisco, both at the New Conservatory Theatre Center. “Lips Together, Teeth Apart” was written by Terrence McNally and tells the story of two straight couples who find themselves on the gay inhabited destination known as Fire Island.  While “Slipping” is a four character play […] Click to read more »