Spring is in the Air: Setting a June Date for Marriage (Equality). By Frank D. Pond

As we wait for the United States Supreme Court to bless the vows of gay persons -either in 50 states or in 1 (California), or make some other pronouncement-the rest of the world continues to move with even more speed in its evolution on marriage.  And lest we in the US feel left behind, several […] Click to read more »

Six60 interview

Six60 are a rock band at the core, but integrate Dubstep, Soul, Electronica and Reggae creating a fresh sound you’ll keep revisiting

New Zealand band, Six60 turned heads at the recent CMJ festival in New York, conjuring up a modern day Red Hot Chili Peppers with their eclectic sound and dynamic live performances. The band is celebrating the year anniversary of their debut self titled album this month, touring North America and Europe. Songs to check out […] Click to read more »

Summer Wine Picks from New Zealand By Frank D. Pond

Developing a “Hobbit” for Great New World Wine Since we traveled to Italy last month, I thought it was high time to visit some spectacular, and spectacularly priced, wines of the New World on wine.com.  In anticipation of the upcoming Hobbit trilogy, where better to go than New Zealand.  Some time ago, I put together […] Click to read more »