Election Update: November 6, 2012 is Upon Us

Election Update: November 6, 2012 is Upon Us By Frank D. Pond

Some of the pundit class, mostly from the right, claim without evidence that America is generally a conservative nation.  I don’t buy it one bit.  Any student of history, anecdotal as well as factually intensive, would understand that America is a cautiously progressive nation.  By this, I mean, we don’t move backwards and we are […] Click to read more »

The President Evolves…How Marriage Equality Became the First Position Taken by President Obama in Reelection Campaign by Frank D. Pond (aka Walden)

What a week!  President Obama announced (formally and to no surprise) that he is running for reelection.  What may have been clear for months was made official this past weekend.  This was not newsworthy nor were his rallies which (though Drudge, Breitbart.com, Fox all drubbed as “undersold”) which were full at 4x the capacity of […] Click to read more »

Art In The City: 3 Progressive Picks From Uptown to Downtown By: Steve V. Rodriguez

Last week,  on a beautiful Spring day in New York City, I visited three  new  progressive art exhibits covering some extensive territory including both east and west  sides. From Uptown’s Guggenheim Museum to Downtown’s Deitch Projects Gallery which unfortunately will close at the end of May, I ended my day in Chelsea at Gallery 1500’s […] Click to read more »