Spring is in the Air: Setting a June Date for Marriage (Equality). By Frank D. Pond

As we wait for the United States Supreme Court to bless the vows of gay persons -either in 50 states or in 1 (California), or make some other pronouncement-the rest of the world continues to move with even more speed in its evolution on marriage.  And lest we in the US feel left behind, several […] Click to read more »

The election is over, it't time to reflect

The Election is Over, Its Time to Reflect. By Frank D. Pond

It has been about a week since the election returns surprised many in the press with a solid, if not magnificent, win by President Obama and the Democrats in the Senate.  The House, too, presented the Dems with net additions and would have likely led to a Democratic House if the Dems hadn’t squandered 2010 […] Click to read more »

Taxing my Patience The Reality of Obamacare and the Supreme Court By Frank D. Pond

Despite the monumental decision on the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, by the Supreme Court in a decision drafted by the uber conservative Republican Chief Justice, the media have again allowed the GOP to take the public into Wonderland as to what it means.  Up is still down, right is still left and the media […] Click to read more »