New York, Paris and Rome are the Backdrop for Paul Haggis’ Film, “Third Person” Posing as an Espionage Thriller with an Intimate Secret By Steve V. Rodriguez

   In Paul Haggis’ new film, “Third Person”, which just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Oscar winner who won best screenplay and picture for “Crash”, revisits similar themes of inter-connectedness and the search for love. In “Crash” the seemingly divergent and varied walks of life living in an isolated, Los Angeles, are all […] Click to read more »

Finding Movie Gems Among the Holiday Blockbusters by Kevin M. Thomas

Ho Ho Show! The holiday movie rush is upon us. In the same month where everyone spends lots of money on presents, movies still do big business at the end of the year – even if they’re not “Twilight” or “Skyfall.” Christmas time is the last chance for a movie to qualify for Oscars. Movies […] Click to read more »