A Conversation with Filmmaker, Cecilia Aldarondo – Revealing Duality of her Uncle’s Two Lives

In her first film, filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo introspectively sheds more light to us about her beautiful and engaging documentary, “Memories of a Penitent Heart”  about her uncle’s life Miguel.  What Aldarondo is able to assemble with the usage of 8mm tapes that her mother gives her is a fascinating mystery into her uncle’s seemingly two […] Click to read more »

Top 3 Restaurants to Dine at in San Juan, Puerto Rico By Steve V. Rodriguez & Frank D. Pond

I’m not quite sure what my co-editor and I were expecting on our first trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Of course we expected beautiful beaches and plenty of nightlife, however, we were pleasantly surprised to find a city full of vibrant cuisine, with some of the best and exceptional service. While that service extended […] Click to read more »